SLICK: Ruff Justice

Slick: Ruff Justice is an anthropomorphic, top-down, twin-stick shooter set in 1970's Kowloon.


  • ​Character Artist

    • Modelled the fish and chicken NPCs​

  • Animator

    • Rigged and Weighted the characters that I animated

    • All the animations for the main characters (Lee Hol-Jing) animations​

    • All Tiger (Enemy) animations

    • All the animations for the Boar (First Boss)

    • Fish and Chicken NPC  idle and walking animations

  • Environment artist

    • Modeled and textured the building pieces​ for the sewer (Tunnel areas) and roof top levels

    • Modeled and textured additional environmental assets

  • Implement assets into Unity Engine

Link to game here

Link to Animations here

Lead Artist - Sindy Wo

Artists - James Orton

          - Jonathan Barkhuizen

          - Lucy Hayles

Lead Programmer - Jared Trail

Programmers - Daniel Airey

                      - Tom Butler